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Battery applications

Lithium-ion battery

Lithium-ion battery and EV industry

Our high purity, Selenium-free electrolytic Manganese metal (99.9%) is used to produce cathode active material that contain Manganese to produce Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) for the use in electric vehicles (EVs), for example Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt (NMC). We have commenced a pre-feasibility study to produce high purity Manganese sulphate mono-hydrate (HP-MnSO4 or HP-MSM). This will enable us to supply both product options into this market segment.

Electric vehicle and Lithium-ion market set to grow exponentially

Alternative sources of Manganese for NMC cathode

Why MMC is your choice to supply your Mn/MnSO4

South Africa is Manganese country

How will South Africa participate in the global EV market?

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