The electrolytic manganese supplied by MMC is used in a wide variety of industries.

Aluminium industry
Mn is added to improve mechanical properties (hardness) and corrosion resistance of aluminium alloys 3000-series, especially those used in the production of beverage can sheet alloy. The use of dedusted injection powder Mn is particularly cost effective and offers high yields with no aluminium units to be added.

Steel industry
Mn is required in all grades of steel to act as deoxidiser or desulphuriser. Electrolytic Mn is added directly to the ladle in the final composition correction step. Producers of low carbon, HSLA or high Mn steels prefer the low levels of C, S, P, Si and H impurities in MMC’s products. The thicker flake and lower dust content of MMC’s LH flake improve material handling and increase Mn yield.

Welding rod & cored-wire industry
Electrolytic Mn is required when producing welding fluxes with low C and P specifications. The uniform size analysis and high purity of MMC’s products simplify the production of flux mixtures and improves the quality of welding rods and cored wire. The low hydrogen content of MMC’s powders, together with the option to use stabilised powders, offer the producers of welding consumables a unique raw material.

Vacuum induction melted alloys
Various ferrous and non-ferrous speciality alloys with stringent purity controls are produced with MMC’s electrolytic Mn, due to the low levels of hydrogen, lead, bismuth and the absence of selenium. Contamination of these high-value alloys is extremely costly, but MMC’s quality controls and full product traceability provides peace of mind.

Miscellaneous other uses
Used in the production of manganese acetate in the chemicals industry, cathode pre-cursor materials for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and also for copper alloys (manganese bronze) for ship propellers. Manganese phosphating is used as a treatment for corrosion prevention on steel. MMC also supplies Mn3O4 for manufacture of Mn-Zn ferrites for electronic applications.